2012 Meeting Abstracts

2012 Meeting

Missoula, MT (click for flier)

September 23-28, 2012


Utilizing an Accelerant-Detecting Dog for Fire Investigators and Chemists Forensic Evaluation of Long Range Ballistics
Ethics in Forensic Science Jury Selection-Do you Know your Audience
Using Adobe® PhotoShop® as an Evidence Screening Tool Identification of Natural Fibers
Microscopy for the Non-Microscopist Gastric Contents and Food Analysis
Advances in DNA: Applied Biosystems™ 3500 Series Instrumentation Solid Phase Extraction for the Forensic Scientist
Basic Understanding of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis for the Bench Scientist Bath Salts: New Synthetic Cathinones
Handheld XRF: Forensic Applications of the Innov-X System

Special Research Projects

  • Temperature of Ejected Cartridge Cases
  • Chemical Enhancement of Footwear Impressions Using Soils of the Pacific Northwest
  • Primer Gunshot Residue Contamination