2011 Meeting Abstracts

2011 NWAFS in Tacoma WA

2011 Meeting Course Descriptions (click for flier)

Sept. 25-30, 2011

Workshops (click here for descriptions)


Forensic Considerations of Ammunition Reloading Qiagen and DNA Analysis
Reproducing Bloodstain Patterns Tour Rainier Ballistics
The OMNI Car Crime Scene Processing Overview Examination of Clothing for Trace Evidence
Roundtable-Synthetic THC: Recognition, Examination, and Analysis… Techniques for Successful Presentation with PowerPoint tm
Using Digital Photography with Photoshop® Life Technologies (Applied Biosystems) DNA Automation
Special Applications and Alternate Light Sources – Foster & Freeman

Special Research Workshops (Click here for descriptions)

Temperature of Ejected Cartridge Cases Characterizing Bullet Damage in Clothing
Blood Drying Times Forensic Significance of Auto Paint Clear Coats
Determining the Direction of Travel of Projectiles Through Glass