2007 Meeting Abstracts

2007 Fall Meeting

November 5-9 – Salt Lake City, UT

Joint meeting with the Tri-State Division of IAI (UT, NV, AZ)


Tour Barnes Bullets (American Fork, UT)/ North American Firearms (Provo, UT) Tour Browning Research/Development Lab (Morgan, UT) / Browning Firearms Museum (Ogden, UT)
Advanced Fire Debris Advanced DNA Technologies
Basic Microscopy Armorer’s Workshop (tentative)
2-day Forensic Photography course Firearms Trajectory documentation
Injury Pattern Recognition General Image Processing
Bloodstain Pattern Recognition and Documentation Introduction to Questioned Documents
Introduction to DNA and Toxicology for the Patrol Officer Injury Pattern Workshop/ Domestic Violence Photography
SIDS Death Investigation
Courtroom Testimony Video Analysis
Expert Testimony UV/IR Photography
Cold Case Workshop Computer forensics/ CART examiner training

Speakers and presentations will be presenting on the following:

BTK Case == Virginia Tech Massacre == Trolley Square Tragedy == Destiny Norton Homicide == The National Forensic Academy (Body Farm) == Computer Forensics == Video Analysis == Question Documents